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Lyrics Quotes: I smoke peace pipes with indian war chiefs I steal jewels with chinese ninja theives I dress well like yuppies and crush walls I throw giant ice bergs like snowballs I surf tidal wave, drink molten rock I'll put a fucking tornado in a headlock I'll go to Italy and straighten that tower Whatever the fuck I want, with the juggalo's powe
I feel better now I've seen you But deep inside my bones feel like timber And I, I am shaking from the tension And I will shudder at the mention
Alcohol was pouring through the victims As on the rocks they laid their breath Alcohol was fed to the mummies As they all were happily led to death
Author: Meat Puppets
Got the bill and Rita paid it Took her home and nearly made it Sitting on the sofa with a sister or two
Author: Fats Domino
I always knew you were an angel but this time you've taken your wings And when I find mine I'll come find you there So please be patient with me
Author: Callie Moore
Virtual boyfriend A virtual boyfriend A virtual boyfriend A virtual boyfriend
Author: Poly Styrene
Ancient language Speak through fingers The awful edges Where you end and I begin
Author: Ludo
An advanced civilization Which says nothing at all Humans like us, we, the people, we, the morons Apparently non-educable idiots
Start to fade, fadin' away Start to fade, fadin' away Fade away
A mi lado sentirás, que nos faltan vidas para amar Dos corazones que al final se abrirán libres para dar Porque saben que no sufrirán Acariciando una nueva ilusión
Author: Fey
I just started living the day you started giving your love to me And now music feels my soul It sounds just like a rock n' roll symphony Listen to the music in my soul, ahh
Author: Diana Ross
I'm mad, ha, ha I'm mad, ha, ha I'm mad, ha, ha 20 days, ha, ha
Boku no daisukina bisuketto hanbunko ni shitageru yo Dakara to okuniikanai de hikkoshinante yuru sanai
Author: Sug
And it's her that I'll miss in the end
Author: Eels
I got to be on top My dreams on lock They won’t let go of me
Author: Manafest
Faces of the grass go lengthening the lengthening faces through the ice and the sun faces lengthen go lengthening faces into lengthening faces from the branch to the grass with buried heads they stand in full view eyes sliding of the faces up and up slide up the faces ice and sun and up the faces go lengthening faces eyes are sliding above the tall and peaceful grass
Author: Scott Walker
Scratches all around the coin slot Like a heartbeat, baby, trying to wake up But this machine can only swallow money You can't lay a patch by computer design It's all a lot of stupid, stupid signs
I got a crush, I got a crush on you Crush, baby, I got a crush on you I got a crush on you
Author: Mandy Moore
It seems I found a way, I found a way To turn freedom into slavery I found a way, I found a way To turn freedom into slavery