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Lyrics Quotes: Doing Alright With The Boys
Author: Jett Joan
Do you mind if I wanna put my lips right there ? Do you mind if I wanna pull on your hair?
Want said that didn't feel so good To never be fulfilled, forever stressed out and impatient Always saying,
Author: Jack White
We follow the tail lights out of the city Moving in a river of red As the colors fade away from the dusky sunset We roll for the darkness ahead
Oh, no, no girl
Author: New Birth
My road is kind of long I just gotta get back home
Author: The Spinners
You're feelin' used And you're feelin' abused So you took a fall Well it happens to us all
Author: Autograph
Dying to be free, my destiny is held and barred A bird that's caged and still imprisoned I yearn to hold all that men need
Author: Judicator
I can almost see it now,  I can almost see it now I can almost see it now,  I can almost see it now
Tutti i maiali a fare… …barbecue… gli altri animali senza… …barbecue…
Author: Articolo 31
We'll keep the love light shining Through each night and day A lonely life behind me Oh, what a change you've made
Author: Supertramp
Don't walk away, don't walk away Hey, you got me inspired
Author: Four Tops
You're making me bleed for the money that they need, It's so full of greed, It's so full of greed, Feed on you till you're bone dry, It happens all the time, It happens all the time
Oh-kay! *slams door* I am the mont-inator If a monster came in and decided to stay
So get up, re-live it, gotta let yourself flow Give up your praise, come celebrate Just get up, get on it, get yourself on the floor Don't back away, come celebrate
It's coming again now Chuggin' down that track Just check your records Got all my bags packed
Author: No Doubt
Let your hair down have one more round Drink til you believe it Sloppy kisses, dirty wishes  Baby, this is living Up and down in random motion  Oh come in closer  Ditch your problems, better days are coming
listen to me and I will try to sing you a song that makes you see how much I long to be beside you and how much you mean to me yes and how much you mean to me
were in our own world
One foot is in the street, the other in the studios Sometimes I wake up late at night and don't know which way to go Should I settle for a hundred thousand or keep fightin' the public housin' Or get my young boys out of jail for tryin' to sell the skill?