Lyrics Quotes

Lyrics Quotes: I still can't believe, that man in his need That this is the man who was lord of our world For millions of years, for billions of years For thousands of times, eternalty times.
Author: Ghosting
You better give me a smile as I leave you heather, Treasure yourself and find time for no else For while I'm away I will stay firm beside you And then I will leave with the thought that you tried not to cry
Author: Robin Gibb
Brown meteor mound from space  Wasting away in the air  Crops started growing again  But bitter and acid in taste  Tainted the water in the well  Poison the colour out of space
Author: Hollow
We looking like stars in here Let's light it up The bass is hitting hard in here Let's light it up We looking like stars in here Let's light it up, light it up, light it up
Author: Parade
Hold me Love me With all your heart
Author: DeBarge
You're like a MySpace friend, that's all Just a text or a missed call Didn't mean what I said at all But you never ever call
Author: Poly Styrene
I used to tell cats that I sold weed and weight I was straight till I got caught sellin' 'em shake I'm ignorant with the intent to snatch your rent I got kicked out of summer camp for havin' sex in my tent With the superintendent's daughter, my brain's out of orde
Author: Eminem F/
Around, around, rolling 'round and 'round Around, around on a fofo run Around, around on a fofo run
Author: C.C. Adcock
We'll put the bad times behind us Put some sugar and stir it up I know we're gonna make it better No more bittersweet loving No no no more, I've never felt so free
Author: Deee-Lite
And we danced in the dark on the stairs Like we didn't know anyone was there
Lover, please be tender when your tender fears depart Lover, I surrender to my heart
My covenant is protected, I'm doministic Survival principles my ethics, eastern philosophy's my method Good Samaritans need paramedics, so what's your premise I hope you fuckin' with glocks and fo' fifths
Author: Cypress Hill
Who do you think you are?
At time it's easy to forget All the things you once regret And never learn to pay the price Someday the rain will fall within Remember, face it don't give in And watch the bad times pass you by
Author: Take That
It ain't no fun lyin' down to sleep And there ain't no secrets left for me to keep I wish the stars up in the sky, would all just call in sick And the clouds would take the moon out on some one way trip
Author: Bon Jovi
A simple man of simple dreams He built His life on ordinary things Worked the land as if it were His friend His words live within me to the end
Shiny cars blond hair, white skin must be he
Author: Sort Sol
We made lists of things to do* And at the top of mine was to be there for you And we can't forget, How to love and how to seize the moment
You change the way Tomorrow seize the world