Throw Strikes Quotes

Throw Strikes Quotes: I'm a power guy. Good fastball. A knuckle curve, which I can throw for strikes. A changeup which sinks down and away from lefties and I can also throw for strikes.
I just want to throw strikes. If I can't throw strikes, I'm worthless.
Just take the ball and throw it where you want to. Throw strikes. Home plate don't move.
I've been fortunate with the changeup. I've been able to throw it for strikes.
Author: Roy Halladay
Throw strikes. Home plate don't move.
The secret of the difficulties of those people who make a great deal of money, and yet are always in want of it, is this-they throw it away as soon as they get it on the first whim or extravagance that strikes them, and have nothing left to meet ordinary expenses or discharge old debts.
We were talking about how old quarterbacks can't throw before 10 am... Practice starts too early for us. Wake me up in the middle of the night and I can throw. I can throw anytime.
Author: Dan Marino
Whew, blow off the dust mites I just might bust mic's Put up fights throw fisticuffs and thrust strikes With enough might to hold it off in the meantime 'Cause time ain't nice I'm climbing for life so I don't mind the price
Author: Sage Francis
Throw it up, throw it up, throw it up, ugh Throw it up, nigga, throw it up, throw it up Throw it up, throw it up, throw it up Throw it up, nigga, throw it up, throw it up
Author: E-40
It's better to throw a theoretically poorer pitch whole-heartedly, than to throw the so-called right pitch with feeling of doubt-doubt that's it's right, or doubt that you can make it behave well at that moment. You've got to feel sure you're doing the right thing-sure that you want to throw the pitch you're going to throw.
Author: Sandy Koufax
Confession: When I went to see The Empire Strikes Back I found myself glancing at my watch. The Force is with us, indeed, and a lot of it is hot air. It's a measure of my mixed feelings about The Empire Strikes Back that I'm not at all sure that I understand the plot.  The Empire Strikes Back is about as personal as a Christmas card from a bank.
I consider myself as a character actor. I like the sports analogy, which I do all the time; I'm an avid sports guy. I'm a golfer, but I grew up as sort of an avid fan and participant in baseball, and I'm like a relief pitcher. My job is to come in and throw strikes.
Author: Clint Howard
My daughter wants to throw a stone at a bad man. I stop her from throwing, shaking my head and giving her a little slap. My disapproval is complete. You think: 'That's right, she shouldn't throw a stone even at a villain.' Then I hand her a brick to throw.
Author: W. C. Fields
I write only when inspiration strikes. Fortunately it strikes every morning at nine o'clock sharp.
The fool strikes. The wise man smiles, and watches, and learns. Then strikes.
When anger rushes unrestrained to action, like a hot steed, it stumbles on its way. The man of thought strikes deepest and strikes safely.
The man of thought strikes deepest and strikes safest.
Three strikes, you're out. I don't care if you hire Edward Bennett Williams to defend you; three strikes, you're still out. Baseball is an island of stability in an unstable world.
Author: Bill Veeck
Remember that the animals and plants have no M.P. they can write to; they can't perform sit-down strikes or, indeed, strikes of any sort; they have nobody to speak for them except us, the human beings who share the world with them but do not own it.
I learned the hard way. When I started hitting home runs, I thought, I can hit these pitches. Then I started thinking, if I can do this, I can hit the pitch four inches outside or four inches up. I expanded the zone and got myself out. Pitchers are smart. If they find out they don't have to throw strikes, they won't.