Rather Rely On Quotes

Rather Rely On Quotes: The Four Reliances. First, rely on the spirit and meaning of the teachings, not on the words; Second, rely on the teachings, not on the personality of the teacher; Third, rely on real wisdom, not superficial interpretation; And fourth, rely on the essence of your pure Wisdom Mind, not on judgmental perceptions.
We don't survive without plants and animals because we rely on them, we rely on plants to put oxygen into the atmosphere, we rely on ... fish and crops and cows to eat.
I am working for a better United Nations. Nothing is perfect. You should never rely on only one source, but rather rely on those you believe in the most.
Cast your efforts on the right goal.
Author: Jesse Neo
Always put a smile on your face.
Author: Jesse Neo
Success means that we keep on trying.
Author: Jesse Neo
There is always a reason to hold on.
Author: Jesse Neo
I keep on falling for you every single day.
Author: Jesse Neo
Foresight is good when it is subject to the latter, but it becomes excessive when we are in a hurry to avoid something we fear. We rely more on our own efforts than on those of his Providence, and we think we are doing a great deal by anticipating His orders by our own disorder, which causes us to rely on human prudence rather than on his Word.
All good things on earth is a result of love.
Author: Jesse Neo
From the very beginning, I studied acting, directing, lighting, dance and movement. I didn't rely on just the magic to take place. It's a shame that a lot of magicians just rely on the trick itself and they have no other abilities. They get away with the wonder factor, and I don't think that's enough. It's great, but it's not enough.
What I've learned is not to take anybody's advice. If you rely solely on your fans, it sets you up for the downfall on the industry side and if you rely on what your label is saying, it will disconnect you from your fans.
Author: Lupe Fiasco
The terrorists that we are up against today do not rely upon cell phones and SAT phones and emails. They rely on couriers. You cannot intercept what a courier is telling somebody
Author: Oliver North
In that day the remnant of Israel, the survivors of the house of Jacob, will no longer rely on him who struck them down but will truly rely on the LORD, the Holy One of Israel.
Author: Isaiah 10:20
Life will always be beautiful depending on how we look at it.
Author: Jesse Neo
Cast your problems on the wind and let its blows wash it away.
Author: Jesse Neo
Stay focus on your goals. Mind your own business.
Author: Jesse Neo
I don't think you can rely on Iran. I don't think you can rely on other radicals like the Taliban. They dispatched Al Qaida to bomb New York and Washington. What were they thinking? Were they that stupid? They weren't stupid. There is an irrationality there, and there is madness in this method.
Women, as they grow older, rely more and more on cosmetics. Men, as they grow older, rely more and more on a sense of humor.
Scientists have been saying, for an awfully long time, that we're all interconnected. Scientists would use the word 'ecosystem' to express that idea. Obviously, people can't survive without air and water, and we rely on plants and animals for food, and plants and animals rely on us to preserve their habitats.