Participant In Baseball Quotes

Participant In Baseball Quotes: I consider myself as a character actor. I like the sports analogy, which I do all the time; I'm an avid sports guy. I'm a golfer, but I grew up as sort of an avid fan and participant in baseball, and I'm like a relief pitcher. My job is to come in and throw strikes.
Author: Clint Howard
The first thing baseball wants to do is make you a superstar and then say that you owe baseball something. I don't owe baseball anything. Baseball owes me.
Author: Hank Aaron
I always wanted to do a baseball book; I love baseball. The problem is that a very large part of my following is in non-baseball playing countries.
Author: Bill Bryson
Baseball caps never go out of style and are easy to wear. Beyond baseball, beyond sports, I really do think a baseball cap is for everyone.
Author: David Wright
I admitted I bet on baseball, but I wasn't suspended from baseball for betting on baseball.
Author: Pete Rose
Baseball people think they can find athletes with good bodies and teach them to play baseball. What's wrong with giving someone who already knows how to play baseball a chance? I think I fall into that category.
Author: Marcus Giles
I always thought that there was going to be life after baseball, and so I designed that in my life I would have other interests after baseball that I would be able to step into. And I didn't realize the grip that baseball had on me and on my family.
Author: Nolan Ryan
I was a baseball player, I taught baseball, and all of a sudden I was in the business world. Now I used the baseball world to talk about their product. Not too much, just enough to keep going. Just be yourself and you'll never have a problem. That's what I did.
Author: Willie Mays
I've been playing baseball since I was four. I've got baseball in my blood. I love baseball.
In life, be a participant, not a spectator.
Author: Lou Holtz
I'm a participant in the doctrine of constructive ambiguity.
I can wear a baseball cap; I am entitled to wear a baseball cap. I am genetically pre-disposed to wear a baseball cap, whereas most English people look wrong in a baseball cap.
Author: Bill Bryson
Baseball is the reason I have my apartment, baseball is the reason I'm on the cover of video game. Baseball is what I do.
Author: David Wright
Basketball has always been a sport I loved and grew up playing. For me, it was one of those things that... I guess baseball was just in my genes a little bit. I have a lot of cousins that played baseball. Basketball is not an easy sport - you definitely got to be gifted to play that game. I felt like I was pretty good at it, but my ability was better in baseball.
In drama, I think, the audience is a willing participant. It's suspending a certain kind of disbelief to try to get something out of a story.
If you have a coach helping you, developing your skills alongside you, that's when you're on your way to becoming not just a participant but achieving.
Author: Lynn Davies
Our economics are not baseball's economics. Our game is not baseball's game. Our owners are not baseball's owners, with one or two exceptions. Our union is not baseball's union. What we do has to be crafted and suited to address hockey, to address the NHL, to address our 30 teams and our 700-plus players.
Author: Gary Bettman
There are many types of participation. One can observe so intensely that one becomes part of the action, but without being an active participant.