Onto Broadway Quotes

Onto Broadway Quotes: I've been in this business 25 years. I've been eking out a living doing Broadway, off-Broadway... I've seen the unemployment line a lot.
Author: Viola Davis
Yeah, I feel sort of unfinished in New York, even though I spent so many years there. I think it's because I never got a chance to do any Broadway, or even off-Broadway. I would love to do that and I haven't given up on that.
Author: Eva LaRue
I would love to do Broadway. I dont think theres anything more amazing than theater. OK, Supergirl is number one. Maybe I could be Supergirl on Broadway That would be perfect.
I'll tell you what I think in general about people who want to make their Broadway debut that are not trained stage actors. Don't they know, Broadway ain't for sissies? It is a tough gig. You are responsible, physically, mentally, emotionally, for eight shows a week, at the top of your game. It's not easy.
Author: Patti LuPone
I'm very comfortable with my own body. I come from Broadway
Author: Lea Michele
That's always - that's been another dream of mine, to do a Broadway play. An award winning Broadway play.
The commercial theatre may still be considered one of New York's primary tourist attractions, but . . . there is no longer an audience for serious Broadway plays. . . . Perhaps we should acknowledge that, having lost its traditional audience, Broadway can never again be a home for new plays.
I'm definitely nervous and excited. I feel like I've been playing off-Broadway, not to say that Boston doesn't have a great theatre district or great theatre, but it's not going to Broadway; it's just a different city.
Author: Todd English
Maybe I could be Supergirl on Broadway! That would be perfect.
I really did sneak into Broadway shows, starting when I was 12.
I did the Broadway album unfortunately in a year when there were no hits.
Author: Les Baxter
My plan has always been to return to Broadway every 50 years.
Being in front of a live audience again. I get that in my concerts but there's nothing like being on Broadway.
I enjoyed the courtroom as just another stage but not so amusing as Broadway.
Author: Mae West
My parents were in 'Brigadoon' on Broadway when I was a couple of years old.
I was always daydreaming about singing in big productions on Broadway.
Author: Kate Smith
I'm in a play on Broadway, I have an animated TV show coming up, I have a few movies that just came out.
The first big lead that I had on Broadway was in a show called La Strada.
I like playing the same person over and over again. I've done shows for over a year on Broadway, and I never get bored.
Author: Ana Gasteyer