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Nourished By Quotes

Nourished By Quotes: If we want to be sincere, we must admit that there is a well-nourished love and an ill-nourished love. And the rest is literature.
To me, the essence of keeping the soul nourished is obedience to one's conscience. I don't think that the soul can be nourished unless people have a strong sense of conscience that they have educated and developed and soaked in the universal and timeless principles of integrity and service. This way, the individual's soul becomes part of the universal soul of service, contribution, and making a difference.
Creativity needs to be taken care of. It's like a big baby that needs to be nourished.
Author: Susan Sontag
his body well nourished, his bones rich with marrow.
Author: Job 21:24
Are wars anything but the means whereby a nation is nourished, whereby it is strengthened, whereby it is buttressed?
As I've gotten older, I find I am able to be nourished more by sorrow and to distinguish it from depression.
Author: Robert Bly
Men are kids at heart. They want to be nourished and pet like a dog.
Author: Nicki Minaj
People are deeply nourished by the process of creating wholeness.
The word of God is the food by which prayer is nourished and made strong.
The power of works of art still continues to be secretly nourished by imitation... kitsch
You are what you eat.
It is women who love horror. Gloat over it. Feed on it. Are nourished by it. Shudder and cling and cry out-and come back for more.
Author: Bela Lugosi
Love is nourished only by sacrifices, and the more a soul refuses natural satisfactions, the stronger and more disinterested becomes her tenderness.
As a man may be eating all day, and for want of digestion is never nourished, so these endless readers may cram themselves in vain with intellectual food.
Author: Isaac Watts
At the end of the ten days they looked healthier and better nourished than any of the young men who ate the royal food.
Author: Daniel 1:15
Our lives are fed by kind words and gracious behavior. We are nourished by expressions like 'excuse me', and other such simple courtesies.
Author: Bill Vaughan
I am not a Catholic; but I consider the Christian idea, which has its roots in Greek thought and in the course of the centuries has nourished all of our European civilization, as something that one cannot renounce without becoming degraded.
Author: Simone Weil
There is nothing so useful to man in general, nor so beneficial to particular societies and individuals, as trade. This is that alma mater, at whose plentiful breast all mankind are nourished.
Maternity is a glorious thing, since all mankind has been conceived, born, and nourished of women. All human laws should encourage the multiplication of families.
The waters nourished it, deep springs made it grow tall; their streams flowed all around its base and sent their channels to all the trees of the field.
Author: Ezekiel 31:4