My Grandmother Quotes

My Grandmother Quotes: My heart will always be thankful to my God.
Author: Jesse Neo
My love is blind. My heart cannot see.
Author: Jesse Neo
My life is full of praise to the Lord my God.
Author: Jesse Neo
I find my strength in my Lord.
Author: Jesse Neo
My heart beats for my God.
Author: Jesse Neo
My grandmother was a typical farm-family mother. She would regularly prepare dinner for thirty people, and that meant something was always cooking in the kitchen. All of my grandmother's recipes went back to her grandmother.
You're going to be my grandmother.
Author: Julia Quinn
Animals are nicer than humans and they're conscious beings. If you stick your grandmother in an oven, she will probably be tasty. But is that any reason to eat your grandmother?
Flustered, she replied,
Do not be proud of the fact that your grandmother was shocked at something which your are accustomed to seeing or hearing without being shocked. ... It may be that your grandmother was an extremely lively and vital animal and that you are a paralytic.
My grandmother lives on a farm. And growing up, I assumed that the animals that I was eating and the animals that I was wearing all came from farms like my grandmother's. They all had names, they were all smothered with love, and they all lived to be very old.
My relationship with my grandmother has gone from strength to strength. As a shy, younger man it could be harder to talk about weighty matters. It was: 'This is my grandmother who is the Queen, and these are serious historical subjects.'
We salute her for a life of remarkable achievements as an actor, as a diplomat, and most importantly as our beloved mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and adored wife for fifty-five years of the late and much missed Charles Alden Black.
I've seen it all, I lived here too There's nothing too wide, across the street Grandmother born as I get in Grandmother died, she lived it too, shut that doo
I thought, If I'm an ancestor and grandmother when I'm twenty-five, I should go peacefully to the real time when I'm an ancestor and a grandmother.
Author: Agnes Varda
My grandmother lived to be 100 years old. Her grandmother was a slave, yet she was a college graduate in the Spellman class of 1917. She taught art for 50 years and she saved her Social Security checks for her children's education.
Author: Spike Lee
Yes, I seen it all, I lived it too There's nothing too wide across the road Grandmother born as I get in Grandmother died, she lived here too
I've never cheated on a lover. I'm faithful, always. But the war comes before anyone's feelings. Every time.