Most Importantly Quotes

Most Importantly Quotes: And, more importantly, reach for the stars. And realize that it is never too late
Author: Debbi Fields
And more importantly - what we have chosen to do
I think original voices get noticed. But most importantly, I think you should have a story to tell.
My cats are really sassy and sophisticated, but most importantly, they are picky.
Author: Jason Wu
Most importantly, we want to create a company where every employee can bring their whole selves to work.
Author: Indra Nooyi
We all lose sight sometimes, but when we find our way again we are not only 2x stronger but we can see where we need to be, where we should be, and most importantly we understand why we are not there already.
Author: Ian Warner
I realize that for many New Yorkers, this is the first time you've heard my name, and you don't know much about me. Over these next two years you will get to know me, but more importantly, I will get to know you.
War is like any other bad relationship. Of course you want out, but at what price? And perhaps more importantly, once you get out, will you be any better off?
Most importantly fighters in my day knew the most important art in boxing - feinting.
Author: Jack Johnson
Even more importantly, it's wine, food and the arts. Incorporating those three enhances the quality of life.
But more importantly When I was eight years old Received eternity and a love That won't grow cold
I want to try different things but, most importantly, always be true to my roots and keep it organic. I'm never going to leave bachata behind. I'm always going to be a bachatero first.
Author: Romeo Santos
I wanted to bring people together, and most importantly not feel threatened when they came to watch me box.
'Zolten' is a common Hungarian name, it's my wife's maiden name and most importantly, it's the name of Dracula's dog.
We also very importantly recommend continued growth in the Army and the Marine Corps end strength.
I'm a big proponent of Hawk-Eye. I think it's a wonderful addition, not only for the players, but more importantly for the fans.
Author: Jim Courier
I pick and choose what I want to do at any given time, and what not to do, importantly. My agents, I won't hear about any offers or options.
Work hard, put maximum effort, and have a good attitude. Most importantly never give up.
Author: Ana Monnar
Remember to always dream. More importantly, work hard to make those dreams come true and never give up.
What does it mean to be a snowboarder? It's about having fun, with your friends or by yourself. It's about pushing yourself to try new things and do the unexpected. Finally, and most importantly, it's about being creative.
Author: Shaun White