Lot More Personal Quotes

Lot More Personal Quotes: You receive more by giving. You keep less my keeping more.
Author: Jesse Neo
Being an entrepreneur does require a lot of sacrifice of your personal time and personal hobbies and things that you enjoy. At least for the period of high growth that you experience at the beginning of a company's life cycle, you have to be ready to make a lot of time sacrifices and personal sacrifice.
Those who risk more take the most reward.
Author: Jesse Neo
I think that the difference between 'The Sopranos' and the shows that came before it was that it was really personal. There had been a lot of dramas, a lot of really good ones, a lot of really bad ones, but they were always franchise shows about cops, or doctors, or lawyers. They weren't about the writer himself.
Author: David Chase
You know how to handle your life more than they can.
Author: Jesse Neo
Those of us who have been very fortunate have a duty to give back. Whether one gives a lot as one goes along as I do or a little and then a lot [when one dies] as Warrendoes is a matter of personal preference. I would hate to have people ask me for money all day long.
Donít be to stress. There are more reasons to relax.
Author: Jesse Neo
I speak for a lot of church groups, youth groups, schools, colleges and do personal appearances. I've done conventions and trade shows. A lot of different little hats.
Youíve already come a long way. A little more and youíre there.
Author: Jesse Neo
Yesterday I loved you. Now, I love you more.
Author: Jesse Neo
You're more than a friend. You're family.
Author: Jesse Neo
Because history is only an aggregate of personal hostilities, personal prejudices, personal blindness and irrationality, there are times when we have to live against it.
Author: Anais Nin
My first album is a lot of my personal experiences. I wanted people to relate to what I've been through.
There are a lot of things that I have not shared that I will never share. I do have a personal private life.