Its Millionaire Quotes

Its Millionaire Quotes: I am a millionaire today and my wife deserves all of the credit. Before I met her I was a multi-millionaire.
To say that I'm enjoying a millionaire's lifestyle-well, I can tell you, I guess a millionaire's income doesn't go very far these days.
Author: Ed Pastor
The greatest reward in becoming a millionaire is not the amount of money that you earn. It is the kind of person that you have to become to become a millionaire in the first place.
Author: Jim Rohn
Sir John Hall was a multi-millionaire when I came back to Newcastle. With all the players I've bought, I'm trying to make him just an ordinary millionaire.
Author: Kevin Keegan
It is a shame for a man to be a millionaire in possessions if he is not also a millionaire in beneficence.
Author: Lyman Abbott
I was a multi-millionaire from playing hockey. Then I got divorced, and now I'm a millionaire.
Author: Bobby Hull
I'm a millionaire, I'm a multi-millionaire. I'm filthy rich. You know why I'm a multi-millionaire? 'Cause multi-millions like what I do.
I was 12 years fittin to be a billionaire; I was 15 years old as a millionaire. Ive been rich since I was 14. My son has been a millionaire since he was 12, so thats just the life. Weve been playing with money since young.
Author: Birdman
I would rather sit still in a state of peace on a stone than ride in the motor-car of a multi-millionaire and feel the peacelessness of the multi-millionaire poisoning me.
I'm one of the only members of the U.S. Senate who isn't a millionaire. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with being a millionaire. But there ought to be a little economic diversity in the Senate and I try to provide it.
Get a millionaire mentor. Most of us were brought up middle class or poor and then hold ourselves to the limits and ideas of that group. I have been studying millionaires to duplicate what they did. Get your own personal millionaire mentor and study them. Most rich people are extremely generous with their knowledge and their resources.
There is no such thing as Success....That a thing is successful merely means that it is; a millionaire is successful in being a millionaire and a donkey in being a donkey.
I'd like to date another millionaire. I've never done that.
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? I don't.
Author: Cole Porter
When you're a kid, you want to be a millionaire.
The best client is a scared millionaire.
You Are Already a Millionaire - Your Creativity Makes It So..