Is Protecting Its Quotes

Is Protecting Its Quotes: You should be certain that angels are protecting you when you go to sleep. Yea, that they are protecting you also in all your business, whether you enter or leave your home.
Antitrust law isn't about protecting competing businesses from each other, it's about protecting competition itself on behalf of the public.
Author: Al Franken
You promised you wouldn't tell her,
For too long we have been protecting the ones who have hurt us by minimizing our trauma and deprivation. It's time to stop protecting them and start to protect ourselves. We have been told and feel that we are responsible for their emotional well-being. We are not. We are responsible only for ourselves.
There is nothing wrong with describing Conservatism as protecting the Constitution, protecting all things that limit government. Government is the enemy of liberty. Government should be very restrained.
Author: Ron Paul
We're not protecting the environment for the sake of the fishes and the birds. We're protecting it for our own sake...
That's all about the natural order of things, the idea of nature protecting children but also children protecting nature.
Author: Hugh Jackman
Around the world, we see the results of exploitation which destroys much without taking future generations into account. Protecting the world's forests; stemming desertification and erosion; avoiding the spread of toxic substances harmful to man, animals and plants; protecting the atmosphere; all these can be accomplished only through active and wise cooperation, without borders or political power plays.
Cyberbullying is an issue that affects all of us and demands that Canadians work together to put an end to it. This national public awareness campaign is an important step in protecting our children online. Along with our government's introduction of Bill C-13, the Protecting Canadians from Online Crime Act, we are taking clear action to tackle cyberbullying.
Author: Peter MacKay
Protecting our second amendment will make America great again.
Author: Donald Trump
Protecting the human race should really come with a per diem, I swear.
Author: Mira Grant
Can you giggle while racing for your life and protecting a six-year-old? I can.
Closed doors simply means God is protecting us from having not the best.
Author: Bo Sanchez
Just think - guns have a constitutional amendment protecting them and women don't.
I think the government has a role in protecting the fundamental rights of its citizens.
Author: Al Franken
[In hockey] I was a goon, just protecting the better players. I've always been a better baseball player.
Author: Eric Gagne
Protecting the biosphere should be our highest priority or else we sicken and die.
Author: David Suzuki
Under the guise of protecting us from ourselves, the right and the left are becoming ever more aggressive in regulating behavior.