In This Area Quotes

In This Area Quotes: You are a treasure in this world.
Author: Jesse Neo
Love is the best feeling in this world.
Author: Jesse Neo
In found new hope in Godís arms.
Author: Jesse Neo
How wonderful this art is called life.
Author: Jesse Neo
I will forever celebrate this gift of life.
Author: Jesse Neo
God let me see how wonderful this life is.
Author: Jesse Neo
I will always be thankful for this opportunity to live.
Author: Jesse Neo
We must learn to accept all the wonderful things that this world offer.
Author: Jesse Neo
If ever there was an area in which to do the exact opposite of that which government and the media urge you to do, that area is the purchasing of gold.
The duty of the fighter pilot is to patrol his area of the sky, and shoot down any enemy fighters in that area. Anything else is rubbish.
I think the federal government really should be supporting Louisiana and ensuring that every person from that area has an opportunity to vote on what will occur in the area.
I think if I have any kind of unique gift, it's more in the comedy area than it is in the dramatic area.
The biggest thing I have to keep in mind is balance. I have certain times and days that I dedicate to certain responsibilities. It is very important to not become unbalanced in an area, spending too much time in one area and not another.
Author: Joyce Meyer
When you live in a watershed area, in a pristine area, and you could watch this whole place fall apart in front of your eyes, you don't sell your soul for a buck.
Author: Josh Fox
The lesion is in the area of my brain that is responsible for motor function, so I have continual chronic pain in my left arm from elbow to fingertips and the right side of my body from my ear to my breast area.
Author: Karen Duffy
I'm sure there's some self-help cheese-ball book about the gray area, but I've been having this conversation with my friends who are all about the same age and I'm saying, 'Y'know, life doesn't happen in black and white.' The gray area is where you become an adult the medium temperature, the gray area, the place between black and white. That's the place where life happens.
There were entrances to the side rooms from the open area, one on the north and another on the south; and the base adjoining the open area was five cubits wide all around.
Your level of success, in every area of your life, will always parallel your level of personal development. If you want Level 10 success in any area of your life, you must first develop yourself to be a Level 10 person in that area.
Author: Hal Elrod
You can do anything you like - really - but this [Sci-Fi] is absolutely disciplined, it's Zen, you have to be absolutely focused in an area. You have to zone into an area and you then you can achieve when you get there. It's really weird!
Author: Danny Boyle
Interest rates do not have to be identical across the whole euro area, but it is unacceptable if major differences arise from broken capital markets or concern about a euro area break-up.
Author: Mario Draghi