In The Deserts Quotes

In The Deserts Quotes: We will continue talking about the beauty of the deserts as long as the forests exist on Earth! But when the last forest is gone, no beauty of deserts will remain too!
The brotherhood of men does not imply their equality. Families have their fools and their men of genius, their black sheep and their saints, their worldly successes and their worldly failures. A man should treat his brothers lovingly and with justice, according to the deserts of each. But the deserts of every brother are not the same.
I am not a collector of deserts!
Let each man have according to his deserts.
New York: where everyone mutinies but no one deserts.
Magic of the shadows can best be seen in the deserts.
I'm sure that there are places in the deserts in Australia that could be similar to where we might want to go on Mars.
Author: Buzz Aldrin
The deserts of the Middle East are in need of water, not bombers.
Author: Golda Meir
In the deserts of the heart Let the healing fountain start.
Author: W. H. Auden
Faith can reclaim deserts as well as move mountains.
What man calls civilization always results in deserts.
Author: Don Marquis
It is as pleasant as it is unusual to see thoroughly good people getting their deserts.
Forests precede civilizations and deserts follow them.
The problem today is that there are no deserts, only dude ranches.
And yonder all before us lie Deserts of vast eternity.
We may seem competent, but by the end of next century there will be new deserts, new ruins.
Author: Edward Bond
Forests precede us and deserts dog our heels.
There were no lies here. All fancies fled away. That's what happened in all deserts. It was just you, and what you believed.
Even the doe in the field deserts her newborn fawn because there is no grass.