Dramatically Quotes

Dramatically Quotes: With Congress and the S.E.C. so heavily peopled by lawyers, and with lawyers having been so heavily involved in drafting financial disclosure documents now seen as bogus, there was a new
Television and the way we watch is going to change dramatically in the next year.
Very few of the great leaders ever get through their careers without failing, sometimes dramatically.
Author: Phil Crosby
Baseball has changed dramatically since I began my tenure with the Yankees.
Author: Joe Torre
Most dramatically, and perhaps least noticed, is the violence inside Saudi Arabia itself.
You dramatically increase your value to others if you always maintain a calm and pleasant manner.
Author: Daniel Lapin
There were periods when the art market got overheated, but there is no reason it should appreciate dramatically.
Author: Eli Broad
I'm trying to write for people my age. And my inspiration over the years has changed dramatically.
Once I learned how to be a healthy vegan by eating the right foods my performance improved dramatically.
I find it enormously valuable to be sure that that the pacing is what I think it is and that the scenes have the shape I think they have musically and dramatically.
NATO member states vary dramatically in their capability and in their political steadfastness.
I don't work on a project unless I believe that it will dramatically improve life for a bunch of people.
Author: Dean Kamen
Some movies I see today have the most dramatic plot points but the actors are not playing them dramatically.
You have to say that we are again in a massive financial bubble in bonds, in equities, in [other] asset prices that have gone up dramatically.
Author: Marc Faber
Your environment (your home, your office, the magazines you read etc.) dramatically affects your levels of achievement
Author: Robin Sharma
If you take the same child and put them in two different places, it will dramatically shape the way in which their economic outcomes are realized later in life.
Author: Gwen Ifill
The quality of my life has changed dramatically - not the events - but the way I handle them and my priorities and my sense of drama.
Author: Ali MacGraw
I think it would be very boring dramatically to have a film where everybody was a lawyer or doctor and had no faults. To me, the most important thing is to be truthful.
Author: Spike Lee
Hollywood infected my brain and I really valued the wrong things in life, but I changed dramatically.
[Health reform] will destroy the country [because] in the next year or so [America will have to] dramatically cut the military because we can't pay for it.