And On Adequate Quotes

And On Adequate Quotes: We live in a society that has no adequate images anymore, and if we do not find adequate images and an adequate language for our civilization with which to express them, we will die out like the dinosaurs.
Well, that's certainly... adequate,
The greatest danger to an adequate old-age security plan is rising prices. A rise of 2% a year in prices would cut the purchasing power of pensions about 45% in 30 years. The greatest danger of rising prices is from wages rising faster than output per man-hour.... Whether the nation succeeds in providing adequate security for retired workers depends in large measure upon the wage policies of trade unions.
The natural object is always the adequate symbol.
Author: Ezra Pound
The only justification for writing a novel is that it should be wonderful. Adequate is inadequate.
Adequate defense has been the catchword of every militarist for centuries.
No goal, regardless of how small can be achieved without adequate training.
Author: Taiichi Ohno
I would guess that there's adequate low-income housing in the country.
Author: Dan Quayle
There was no word in the dictionary adequate to describe the sensation other than sensational.
Author: Rachel Cohn
I play a lot of sports. I'm not real good at any of them. I'm above adequate.
Author: Kevin Nealon
I try to perfect my strong points and make my weaknesses adequate.
In social media marketing, average is no longer adequate.
Author: Jay Baer
I don't think we're doing an adequate vetting process of those who are coming to our country.
Author: Rand Paul
We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism.
Women were seldom given quality assignments or adequate air time.
Ensuring Americans have access to adequate medical care should be a priority for all of us.
Writing! The activity for which the only adequate bribe is the possibility of suicide, one day.
To speak evil of any one, unless there is unequivocal proofs of their deserving it, is an injury for which there is no adequate reparation.