Stokely Carmichael Quotes

Stokely Carmichael Quotes: There has been only a civil rights movement, whose tone of voice was adapted to an audience of liberal whites.
One does not fight to influence change and then leave the change to someone else to bring about.
The death of Che Guevara places a responsibility on all revolutionaries of the World to redouble their decision to fight on to the final defeat of Imperialism. That is why in essence Che Guevara is not dead, his ideas are with us.
Integration is a man's ability to want to move in there by himself. If someone wants to live in a white neighborhood and he is black, that is his choice. It should be his rights. It is not because white people will not allow him.
Leaders in Africa are so corrupt that we are certain if we put dogs in uniforms and put guns on their shoulders, we'd be hard put to distinguish them.
Our noses are broad, our lips are thick, our hair is nappy-we are black and beautiful!