New Model Army Quotes

New Model Army Quotes: We follow the tail lights out of the city Moving in a river of red As the colors fade away from the dusky sunset We roll for the darkness ahead
To feel something without a weakness And she batters me down into the sand I'm crying out in fury to the gods of fate Come on and get me if you can
And love it is the key that unlocks the door But you never know what's waiting behind Crying out in fury to the gods of fate Come and get me if you can
We spent hours last week with Billy boy Bleeding, yeah, queuing in Casualty Staring at those posters we used to laugh at Never, Never Land, palm trees by the sea
Now I understand what they told me years ago How the stakes get higher and higher The further that you go
Now it's a bad time to look for forgiveness It's a bad time for searching for home The wall came down in a thousand pieces Now everybody's building their own
And all the while, all the while I still hear that call To the land of gold and poison That beckons to us all
Night time, city beat, the radio is calling The lost and lonely in vain Out here we are running for the wide open spaces The road smell after the rain
We are old, we are young, we are in this together Vagabonds and children, prisoners forever With pulses a-raging and eyes full of wonder Kicking out behind us again
Valleys of the green and the grey
You used to talk about winners and losers all the time As if that was all there was As if we were not of the same blood family As if we live by different laws
Disillusioned little children of the western world Time hangs heavy in our hands We cry out in our fury to the gods of fate Come on and get us if you can
I'm a master at the art of how to kill I've killed the things that I love the best There's blood on the walls of my home Patterned with the coward's kiss
One more
Moving through the world at obsession speed Leave a dust trail crossing the land I'm crying out in fury to the gods of fate Come on, get me if you can
For God's sake don't you realize That I still hear that call Do you think you're so brave just to go running To that which beckons to us all?
And watching as a boy alone at the quayside The ships loading cargo in the night Their names all calling to faraway places The years go past, the miles go by And still this childhood romance will not die
I put my hands into the roaring flames I felt the pain as it started to burn I've done the same thing over again and again As if I never ever wanted to learn
I'm screaming in the wind, screaming in the rain Screaming in the face of the storm Howling out in the roaring surf With the waves crashing down into foam
Do you owe so much less to these rain swept hills Than you owe to your good self? Is it true that the world has always got to be something That seems to happen somewhere else?