Francis Quarles Quotes

Francis Quarles Quotes: The way to bliss lies not on beds of down, And he that had no cross deserves no crown.
If virtue accompany it, it is the heart's paradise; if vice associate it, it is the soul's purgatory.
To bear adversity with an equal mind is both the sign and glory of a brave spirit.
The world's an Inn; and I her guest.
Before thy undertaking of any design, weigh the glory of thy action with the danger of the attempt; if the glory outweigh the danger, it is cowardice to neglect it; if the danger exceed the glory, it is rashness to attempt it; if the balances stand poised, let thy own genius cast them.
Nor fire, nor rocks, can stop our furious minds, Nor waves, nor winds.
No labor is hard, no time is long, wherein the glory of eternity is the mark we level at.
Use law and physic only for necessity; they that use them otherwise abuse themselves unto weak bodies, and light purses; they are good remedies, bad businesses, and worse recreations.
That friendship will not continue to the end which is begun for an end.
Poor thieves in halters we behold;And great thieves in their chains of gold.
If thou desire to purchase honor with thy wealth, consider first how that wealth became thine; if thy labor got it, let thy wisdom keep it; if oppression found it, let repentance restore it; if thy parent left it, let thy virtues deserve it; so shall thy honor be safer, better and cheaper.
Flatter not thyself in thy faith in God if thou hast not charity for thy neighbor.
The fountain of beauty is the heart and every generous thought illustrates the walls of your chamber.
It is the lot of man but once to die.
Flatter not thyself in thy faith to God, if thou wantest charity for thy neighbor; and think not thou halt charity for thy neighbor, if thou wantest faith to God; where they are not both together, they are both wanting; they are both dead, if once divided.
Gold is Caesar's treasure, man is God's; thy gold hath Caesar's image, and thou hast God's.
To fear death is the way to live long; to lie afraid of death is to be long a dying.
When the flesh presents thee with delights, then present thyself with dangers; where the world possesses thee with vain hopes, there possess thyself with true fear; when the devil brings thee oil, bring thou vinegar. The way to be safe is never to be secure.
What treasures here do Mammon's sons behold! Yet know that all that which glitters is not gold.
I here present thee with a hive of bees, laden some with wax, and some with honey. Fear not to approach! there are no wasps, there are no hornets here. If some wanton bee chance to buzz about thine ears, stand thy ground and hold thy hands-there's none will sting thee, if thou strike not first. If any do, she hath honey in her bag will cure thee too.