David Jeremiah Quotes

David Jeremiah Quotes: Do we approach God from a beggar's perspective or as His cherished child? If we have any difficulty seeing Him as our loving Father, we need to ask Him to help us develop a healthy Father/child relationship.
We should be holy people eager to greet our Lord when He returns, ready at any moment for the trumpet's call, people of optimism, busy in evangelism, hands to the plow, eyes on the prize.
If you are a Christian, your search for approval should be over.
If you have accepted Christ, your sins have been washed away, and you have been born again into a new life through faith in the God-Man, Jesus Christ, who came to rescue this world.
I learned to pray out of desperation. For most of us, this is how the adventure usually begins. When we finally get serious about prayer, the trigger is usually desperation, not duty.... We don't pray because we ought, we pray because we are without any other recourse.
You have inside you the capacity to invest your mental, emotional, and spiritual gifts in a way that glorifies God, impacts the world, and satisfies your own soul. I believe that-and I want you to believe it, too.
Sometimes it helps to begin our prayers by confessing we don't feel like praying-and ask God to help us with our preference to be doing something else.
We are reflectors, and as reflectors we have one duty and that is to stay clean or we won't reflect Jesus.
Jesus continues to offer light, joy, and peace to today's generation.
The greatest encouragement is conveyed in prayer.
Spiritually, we have marginalized the Bible. We've trivialized marriage, and we've neutralized the church. America today is in great turmoil. It feels like the soul of our nation has been taken from us.
Your attitude toward the word of God is your attitude toward Jesus (Ps 37:4).
It's not that your most important work is meaningless; it's that your most trivial movements are also significant.
If you have put your faith in Christ and have spent significant time in the Word of God, the tough times can be like a magnet that draws you to the Lord Jesus. Nothing is going to happen - ever - that will catch Jesus Christ by surprise. He is able to help His children work through anything, and not a single thing is going to happen in the future that can change that fact.
If your mind is filled with the Word of God, then it can't be filled with impure thoughts.
The Holy Spirit wants to convert the words of Scripture into transformed personalities.
We have been released from the spirit of fear by the Holy Spirit, who has placed us in the body of Christ.
Though it may seem overdue, righteousness is always rewarded. Don't be impatient with God. He'll never forget to reward your efforts for Him.
Everyone is in need of encouragement at some time. Take the opportunity today to encourage (give courage to) the one who often encourages you.